Why do dogs urinate on vehicle tyres.?

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Have you ever wondered why the street dogs urinate (pee) on the car or bike tyres?? if yes give yourself thumbs up. if no, don’t worry we got it explained here.

Ever since humans came to earth we had used many ways or types to communicate with each other, which includes symbols, paintings, letters and words. Also we wrote it on rocks, leaves, papers, email etc. The basic of all these is language, without communication and languages the world will not be the same what we see today. We have languages, how about animals?

Like languages for humans, animals use Pheromones for communicating. You must have seen ants running one behind other, honey bees coming back to the same hive etc and importantly dogs urinating on the tyres.

What is Pheromones?

Pheromones are just hormones which are released by the animals for communicating.

If one animal releases these pheromones another animal can easily get information about that animal which released them, the information includes age, sex, weight, height etc of that particular animal. There are two major reasons why these pheromones are released by the animals. The first is to search for a mate for reproduction. The second is for setting the boundary or to take control of a particular object. Let us take a dog in our case.

The dog in a particular street urinate all around its boundary to release the Pheromones and include the information of that dog which control that area in it. A dog from another street enters this area and smells them. Now that dog gets all information about the dog and it decides either to leave or go for a fight 🦴. Not only the dogs but most of the animals include wild animals do this to set their boundary.

Now coming back to the point why dogs choose tyres, there are two major points. First the information the dogs leave on a vertical surface lives for a long, vertical surface include lamp posts , tyres and walls. Second point is the vehicles will travel though lot of areas and the there will be lot of informations on the tyres. By smelling the tyres the dog will come to know about all the information on the tyres and some times it will get attracted to some of the information on them and thinks its details should be there. The reason why it thinks its information is not the part of this article so we will discuss it in another article.

Since it attracted to that information they will urinate and include their information in the form of Pheromones in them. You can see dogs will smell all the wheels before deciding where to urinate, or if the first one is good it will urinate their itself.

Now you got the point why they are urinating on tyres right??? Any other question leave them in comments I will come up with a reply.

Remember the last time a dog chased your car?? The reason is the same as it contains information of another dog which doesn’t belong to its area and its things the dog is in the car. That why it will chase you until its boundary and not because you have a ghost 💀 in your car or by the colour of the car.

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