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Are the ‘Shot with iPhone’ ads true?

Just completely see this video till the end and we will discuss it further.

Noticed this at the end..?

Well, the shots are “technically” from an iphone, however, the ad says “additional equipment and software used” at the bottom of the ad.

The additional software & equipments they are smoothly and casualy referring to here are professional grade accessories which the general public like you and I will never own. The shots are made “perfect” by using these equipments. For a general iphone user to take photos like that is near to impossible. At the same time we cannot regret the fact that iPhones have the best cameras in the world.

The most common equipment used to shoot these pictures and videos is a rig like this one –


What that means is there is lot of behind the scenes, many external gadgets and external lighting used to make the scene perfect for a mobile camera with a tiny sensor and heavy image processing to capture it right.

If you try to capture the similar scene with only iphone and no help of any other technology/gadgets, you will hardly get it as displayed in ad.

Most importantly, those images are captured by professionals.

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