How much money does it cost to charge our phone every year?

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We end up charging our devices at least once in a day and for almost 365 days, but had we calculated the cost for charging the devices. We haven’t bothered about it and also many of you may not know answer to this , but I can tell you how to know the cost spend on charging your phone per year.

For e.g. consider an iPhone X , which has a 2,716 mAh battery capacity (you may consider the battery capacity of your phone).

Now we need to convert mAh to kWh .

So, the formula is (mAh)*(V)/(1000*1000) = (kWh). Here ‘V’ is the cutoff voltage , and for lithium ion battery , V=3.7 .

Now for per year , we multiply our formula by 365.

Suppose if we charge our phone every day from 0% charge to 100% charge ,then

If we consider the Cost of electricity per unit is Rs. 6 (but this may vary from State to state of the country and depends on some other factors) you can search the cost per unit for your state on Google.

Amazingly , it costs only Rs . 22 per year to charge iPhone X (considering 1 time 100% charging everyday).

Now go on calculate how much you spend for charging your devices and do comment the cost with the name of your device .

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