Why making Jio as your primary number is not a wise choice.

After too much of hype jio has launched its 4G services to public on sep 5, we witnessed a large number of people standing in queues for a very long time to get their free sim cards. Even it has launched a month ago still people are standing in queues on Reliance digital stores for getting their free sim cards. Though their services are limited  only for 4G mobile users, people are not giving up, with the recent survey my world mobile data users council it is clear that the 4G device sales have been increased by a whopping 220% in India. Jio has also reached a milestone of adding 16 million people in just 26 days creating a world record

While the early users got a speed of 10Mbps in average and bufferless YouTube viewing experience the word of mouth spreads everywhere , beyond the ads on several Medias this helped Jio to achieve the milestone of 16 million users in just 26 days.It is also to be noted that even before its launch only with few thousand subscribers (mostly Reliance Employees) Jio had witnessed huge call connecting and call drop issues, but the data speed was very good as subscribers got speed around 15 Mbps all the time( with very few users on each site). Later Jio opened the gates to public with this beta launch starting with Lyf handsets and then for multiple mobile brands, this leads to an increase in its customer base. Still its launch on September 5 the speed was very good and their network seems to be matured.

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After the public launch having a goal of adding 5Lakh subscriber’s daily to their network everything has been changed. In a recent report by TRAI, it has indicated that Jio has the lowest speeds in India in terms of 4G with 6.2 Mbps, while Airtel has the highest with 10.2 Mbps this indicates how poorly they had crafted their network, even though the speed mentioned by the TRAI is a good speed on paper the real speed is not crossing 1 Mbps in most of the areas (as reported by our readers from various circles).

The another reason why Jio has gained so much of subscribers in a very short time is that by offering free voice for all both STD and local. But even before the launch there is issues with their voice services as other incumbent operators doesn’t provide proper POI (point of interconnection) for Jio, at the initial stage after its launch on september 5 several operators refused to increase the POI connections  for Jio, this lead to a poor impression and high call connecting issues

As an early user of Jio I can see the number of attempts it takes to connect a call has been increased from 2-3 to 8-10. This also shows how the incumbents are mishandling the situation against Jio. Apart from these issues Jio on their side also has to improve their services on both Voice and data segments.

Why you should not make Jio as your primary number.

1.Call connecting issues

Either it is incoming or outgoing calls the call doesn’t get connected to you in a single attempt. This is okay if you are not in a hurry to speak with a person or it’s not an important issue to discuss with, but let consider a person has a medical emergency and needs to call the ambulance and you need to call the same number for 10 times making the person’s life at risk. In this kind of emergency conditions, every second counts. This is mainly because of POI issues with other private operators in India. If you are a calling guy we recommend you to not make your Jio number as primary numbers until one of these issues are escalated.

2.Poor data speed

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Operators like Ariel and Vodafone has really changed the mindsets of Indian people in terms of speed by providing real 2G speeds with 3G plans and 3G speeds with 4G plans. The rising of Jio on the deep sky looked like it will clear those clouds (hello  😈I’m just comparing poor speeds by Airtel and Vodafone with clouds), but even though promoting themselves as a data-driven company nothing has changed in the real world. This led to frustration for many people notably the late adaptors of Jio welcome offer, even several people started to throw their Jio sim cards even though they have free services until dec 31, with the laying of undersea cables and completely connecting all the towers with OFC it may escalate the speed issues in future but it is not going to happen on anytime soon. It is also not clear whether jio is purposely decreasing its speeds or not, if so it has already gained so much of negative image on Jio. This is the second reason why you should not make Jio as your primary number.

It is critical for us to comment on speeds until Jan 1, 2017, the launch of full-fledged commercial operations of Jio as they are still in beta.

3.Poor Customer care

Days are gone when Jio customer care response and escalate your issues in minutes, now one has to wait for approximately 10-20 minutes to get the call connected and rate of call drop after getting connected is also high. The lack of knowledge of the customer care executives is also an issue in clearing the problems of the customer. If you think about using alternative ways to skip the queues while calling by contacting them on social Medias or by e-mail then you have to wait for almost 12-48 hours for them to respond and even more, time to resolve your problems. We always recommend you to call them on 1800-88-99999 from other numbers or 198 from you jio number to clear the problems. We at News markets think customer care is the biggest pillar of the telecom sector; it has no point in giving a patchy network to your customers even without providing proper support to them.

4.Activation issues.

Jio is the first operator in India who launched instant activation of sim cards with eKYC, thanks to UIADI for providing access to aadhaar databases for all telecom companies to verify their users. With this verification of customers happened in real time and the number gets activated in just a matter of minutes, but what about others with no aadhaar card?

As of now jio is accepting only aadhaar cards of the same circle for activation. For example people in Mumbai can only activate their sim cards if their aadhaar card is provided in Maharashtra, as cities like Mumbai is a migrant city where major people comes from various parts of India it is difficult for them to get their sim cards verified in Mumbai. Even after several weeks of submitting applications most of the applications got rejected indicating improper address or details, we are not sure whether they have any interest in checking those details for people with no aadhaar.

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Since its launch other operators started to put hurdles for the growth of jio both directly and indirectly, POI was the main issue whereas COAI along with other operators started to itch Jio on various aspects, so it is not clear what will happen to the existing customers of jio , for example recently TRAI has released a notice that only people who subscribes until dec 3 are eligible for getting the Jio welcome offer which provides free data and voice until dec31st , earlier there was not such dated mentioned by Jio. This will put a hurdle of getting around 1.5crores of subscribers on Jio’s network. As Jio is funded with millions of rupees from Reliance industries they won’t let other to win the battle against them legally.

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