Whatsapp web now for Iphone users

More than six months after launching a web browser-based mirroring interface for Android, popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has added support for Apple’s iPhone.

To use the service on an iPhone, you simply need to go to the Settings and pair the phone through a QR code after tapping the WhatsApp Web option. The screen also displays active sessions and lets users log out from all computers.

The service now also supports browsers other than Google Chrome. All features are supported on Opera and Firefox while some features are supported on Apple’s Safari browser. Features like photo capturing and voice message recording are not supported on Safari.

Following the update, the service now supports most major mobile platforms including Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 and Nokia S60.

The service initially did not support the iPhone due to Apple’s platform limitations, as per WhatsApp. Also, it only supported Google Chrome when it was first rolled out.

The WhatsApp web service lets WhatsApp users access their chat messages through the Chrome browser once they connect it with their phone’s WhatsApp client through a QR code-based mechanism.

The WhatsApp web browser client simply mirrors conversations and messages from the users’ mobile device which means all of the messages still live on the phone and if the phone phone loses the data connection or runs out of power, the WhatsApp web version also goes offline.

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