TMC in dam measurements

We all read and heard a word during raining seasons TMC, what does it means..? Read below

TMC is a measurement of volume. It is an abbreviation of Thousand Million Cubic feet. This is equal to 283.17 megalitres.

TMC =Ten Million Cubic feet Million = 1000000( In new SI-International system -Mega-M)
Ten Million=10000000 1 feet = 12X 2.54 cm =30.48cm =0.3048m

1 cft = 1 feet X 1feet X 1feet = 0.3048 X 0.3048 X 0.3048 metre cube (m3)

1 m3 = 1/(0.3048 X 0.3048X0.3048) = 35.31466672 cft

1Mm3 =35.31466672X 1000000 cft

1 Mm3 =3.531466672 TMC

1TMC = 1/3.531466672 Mm3 = 0.283168465 Mm3 nearly = 0.28317 Mm3= 0.28317X 1000 M litres

1TMC =283.17 Mega litres

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