Reliance communications to continue existing cdma tariffs on 4G upgrade until commercial launch

Reliance Communications (RCOM) has sent  instructions to its retailers across the country about migrating its CDMA subscribers to 4G platform. RCom 4G services are currently available only in AP, Delhi, Gujarat, Kolkata, Maharashtra-Goa, MP – Chhattisgarh, Mumbai, and UP (E&W).

RCom has also said that the current CDMA services will not be available after 31 May 2016 in these above-mentioned circles.

rcom 4g upgrade
How to Migrate from RCOM CDMA TO 4G?
CDMA voice prepaid subscribers can visit Reliance store and collect 4G SIM free of cost. Then SMS 4G<Space> <19 Digit SIM Number> to 1299 or Call 1299 and dial <19 Digit SIM Number>. Once the request is processed you will receive a call on your existing Reliance CDMA number within 72 hours and can start using 4G service on 4G handset.

CDMA Data prepaid/postpaid subscribers can also collect a 4G SIM from Reliance store free of cost and migrate to 4G by clicking “Upgrade to 4G” option in data card dashboard. RCOM is also giving MiFi device at 50% discount for a limited period to existing data card subscribers migrating to 4G. Subscribers can claim this offer by click on “Claim 4G MIFI Dongle” on the migration process page. Once the payment is completed online, 4G MiFi dongle will be shipped to subscribers address within 72 hours.

Customers migrating to 4G do not require any tele-verification or submit fresh documents. For subscribers who don’t wish to migrate to 4G, RCOM is giving provision of doing Internal Number Portability (INP) to Reliance GSM services. Customers can also use MNP route to port out to another operator.

RCOM to use Jio 4G network

RCOM has claimed its 4G service can deliver speeds up to 50Mbps and provide better indoor coverage using 850Mhz 4G LTE. For voice calls, there will be automatic network fallback from 4G to 3G/ 2G and the operator is silent on whether VoLTE is supported. Subscribers can also roam on 4G network in RCOM 4G circles and in other circles roaming will be on 3G/2G.

As most of the current CDMA phones don’t support 4G, RCOM asks subscribers to purchase 4G smartphone supporting bands 5/3/40(850/1800/2300) confirming that RCOM will be using Jio 4G network which is working on all three bands. You also can purchase 4G smartphones from RCOM E-Shop online or at RCOM stores. There is no buyback offer for existing CDMA handset however, RCOM has partnered with Paytm to offer cash back on new 4G smartphone purchase for existing CDMA subscribers.

RCOM to continue existing CDMA offers after 4G upgrade

RCOM said its 4G pricing will vary from 3G and 2G offering, however, has not yet decided on the pricing. Therefore, at the time of upgrade, 4G plan pricing will remain same as CDMA without any extra charges. Subscribers current plan with any other add-on packs and current discounts along with promotional benefits will remain unchanged post upgrade to 4G. For postpaid subscribers who has made advance payment will continue to receive the same benefit for remaining validity period on 4G network without any extra payments.

Existing plans including zero plan, unlimited voice/data offers, free Reliance to Reliance calling will remain unchanged once migrated to 4G. Customers core balance will be carry forwarded to new 4G connection, however, any promotional talk time balance will be forfeit.

Do let us know by comments below if you got any queries regarding RCOM 4G upgrade.

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