Microsoft developing a Dialer app for Android for its Indian users

Microsoft has been working with Skype to develop a new voice calling app dubbed Dialer, with the application set to be designed exclusively for Indian consumers. It hasn’t been officially announced yet though, so any information about it is based on rumors which have emerged so far.

Dialer could be unveiled in the second week of December. It’s meant to be optimized for network conditions found in India, where connectivity can be unreliable and a number of people still use 2G services. Sources claim Microsoft is planning to launch it for Android users first, and then releasing a Windows Phone version of it sometime in 2016.


Other than voice chats, the Dialer app may also support video sharing in some form. Video calling isn’t certain at this point. NDTV thinks the application might be meant as a replacement for the default dialing pad found in Android phones, with the added bonus of Skype incorporation. India is supposedly the testing ground for it, after which it could be rolled out to other markets.


Microsoft had earlier revealed it was in fact working on a separate Skype application for India, and started beta testing of the tool in September. Android users can sign up for the pre-release program to check it out. They’ll have to take part in a survey and get selected by the company. The chosen few won’t be able to disclose anything about the tool publicly.

Internet-based voice calling is increasingly becoming popular in India, with platforms like WhatsApp and Hike offering the service for free. Skype has been somewhat left out in the country as it’s bulkier and requires more data. With the lighter Dialer app, Microsoft would be in a better position to compete with its rivals in the market.

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