Truths about INDIAN Independence

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This may offend many people out there, specially those who regard Gandhi
as an idol. However, it is important to understand the truth and events
leading to our independence to correctly guide ourselves in the future.

Doesn’t the proximity of World War 2 and our independence make anyone
wonder if the two were related? WW2 ended at the end of 1944. Indian
independence was announced on August 26,1945 (Republic Day), less than a
year later. The truth about our Independence is that it wasn’t Gandhi,
but Hitler that won us our independence. Now, I’m not saying that Gandhi
wasn’t a good man, or that Hitler was a good man. Gandhi definitely
played a role in unifying us as a nation, helping draft the
constitution, etc. At the same time Hitler murdered millions of people.
But the truth we need to realize is that it wasn’t non-violence, but
violence which effectively ended British rule on India. It was when
Hitler’s army pounded the British army that they became weak and
realized they could not maintain their hold over India. As great as the
story of non-violence winning us independence sounds, its is simply not
true. If it was non-violence that worked, then why did it not work
before? Gandhi has led non-violent protests for over 20 years before we
won independence. Then why did out independence come right after WW2 and
not before???

Non-violence works like this: You don’t fight back and the “good” people
on the other side will realize what an inhuman act it is that their side
is commiting and stop. For some reason, I fail to understand why the
people who enslaved millions of Africans, killed an entire American
continent of Red Indians would suddenly feel bad for us and give us
independence because of our non violent ways. If they had their way,
they would have ended up killing us all in response to our

The idea of non-violence doesn’t make any sense. Before blindly following
it, we need to THINK about why it would work and whether it even
works!!!! WAKE UP AND OPEN YOUR EYES! It is military strength (of
Germany) which won our independence, and not the non-violent ways of
Gandhi. If there was a war tomorrow, it would be OUR military strength
which will protect us then, not some far-fetched idea of non-violence.

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