How to make 4G HD VoLTE calls on your 4G phone through Jio Join app

In India, Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, Idea and Uninor offers 4g services from past few years/months, but the upcoming Pan India telecom operator Jio had created a craze among all with their rumored low-cost 4G data plans, also the word VoLTE has familiarized among the Indians only because of Jio, the upcoming operator is backed on VoLTE for Voice services rather than native call via 2G, 3G network like other operators


Why making Jio as your primary number is not a wise choice

If you are not familiar about Reliance Jio and VoLTE click here.

There are many reasons why you are here, but the prime most reason is you are on a nonVoLTE handset with Jio sim and want to know how to use Jio Join app.


It is always advisable to have a VoLTE enabled handset rather than trusting an external app if you are about to buy a phone refer this to see the list of VoLTE compatible phones. This page also gives a complete list of over 100 phones prices starting from 2500 to 1,00,000 sorted by the device manufacturer and all important specs. So navigate and find a suitable one.


Normally, there are two ways to use VoLTE on a 4G enabled phone

 join 2

Method 1 : Using native settings on a VoLTE enabled handset ( How to enable VoLTE..?), if you have a VoLTE enabled phone as soon as you insert a Jio sim card settings will be automatically overrides, so you may not need to worry, but as they have not tested all the devices manually yet refer this page to enable VoLTE manually.

Method 2: Using external app.


Since Jio is the only operator in India to support VoLTE, it has introduced an app call Jio Join app (Link) which eliminates the need of a VoLTE handset, the beauty of this app is it can be used on a non 4G phone too, but the phone must be connected via Wi-Fi which has to be a Jio enabled one.





Step 1: Install the app

Step 2: Open the app and if permissions asked to set it as default dialer app

Step 3: Register with a Jio sim


Step 4: Enter the OTP received on the phone (Mostly auto detected) and complete the process

In next step, it will ask permission to receive messages through the app, ignore if you don’t need.


To use this Jio Join app you must be on Jio network and Data enabled.

This app is similar to skype, WhatsApp and other OTT apps, but on our observation, the quality of the sound is way better than those apps when connected to a Jio 4G networks.

It is also to be noted Jio is testing Vo-Wi-Fi feature for some long time.

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