How to improve your handwriting?

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1.Before trying to learn specific letter forms or shapes,
practice writing from your arm and shoulder in the air or on a white
. Try not to move your fingers or wrist. Write big sweeping
across movements. Get comfortable with lines and shapes before you
attempt letters; this will make your strokes much cleaner and smoother.
It does require an amount of concentration, but if you let yourself
write (with breaks) for ten minutes, it will help you stop tensing your

2.Look at other people’s handwriting for ideas. The signers of the Declaration of Independence often had distinctive, even elegant handwriting. They lived in an age when every message and letter was handwritten, and it shows in their skills.

3.Practice writing the letters until you are very comfortable with creating the shapes involved with them.
Use cursive writing, either practicing with words and making sentences,
working with your autograph, or simply stringing together random

4.Find your own style. Sometimes it can be very
hard to find your own style. So look for your personality for
inspiration: are you optimistic? Hyper? Calm? Choose either a loopy
handwriting, a clean crisp handwriting, or whatever suits you.

5.Write everything longhand that you think of, avoiding typing, writing on a PC, or other shortcuts.
Use every excuse to use your time for writing, whether making lists,
notes, or letters, or simply doing creative writing exercises. This
improves your control and develops your muscles and eye-hand

6.Experiment with different writing instruments, like wide
tip pens, markers, colored pencils, felt tip pens, and even calligraphy
. These may not be at all suitable for daily writing projects
but they do offer a chance to develop ideas and add artistic qualities
to your script.

7.Try writing different forms of different letters. For
example, the letter “a” can be written in two ways, one with a loop
over it and one not. Choosing one over the other can improve your

8.Try out different mediums. Maybe you’re best with
pen, no. 2 pencil, mechanical pencil, felt markers, ink, or something
else? Diversify and don’t be afraid to try anything!

9.Print out the elementary school alphabet charts. They can help! Try making your own with a different font! 

10.Be yourself and do something that you can do. Don’t try to do a John Hancock on the first day. Work up to it.


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