How to enable Reliance Jio VoLTE on your phone?


So, you are on a roll how to activate VoLTE on your phone right? Before proceeding click here to check whether your phone supports VoLTE or not.

Done..? Congrats, your phone must support VoLTE isn’t?

So go straight to the point and start learning how to activate VoLTE on your phone. If you are from India right now only JIO is offering calls on VoLTE platform and only a very few numbers of people are enjoying Jio services and I hope you are one of them, besides selling LYF handsets with bundled data and voice free for 3 months, Jio also started offering free sim cards  to public who has Samsung handsets also, and we can expect this list will further increase to many phones.

Hmm, don’t get bored let’s start our guide how to activate VoLTE or HD call services on your phone.

Quick tip: Before proceeding please note this tips will be worked on most of the phones, where as some manufacturers tweak the OS and changes the option for easy access, but I’m sure either one of the option works for you, This guide is only for android users and we will update the guide for iOS users later. Also make sure your phone software is up to date and is 4G enabled (Refer this link for complete VoLTE enabled handsets)


Why making Jio as your primary number is not a wise choice

Method 1:

Step 1: Open dialer app

Step 2: Click settings (three Dots) àMore

Step 3: Scroll down and navigate to USE VoLTE option

Step 4: Enable the radio button on your device.

This is the simplest way to enable VoLTE on your phone from the Call settings menu.

Method 2
this method is the universal method on all android phones, whoever the manufacturer this option will work for you.

Step 1: Open dialer app

Step 2: Dial *#*#4636#*#*

Step 3: Choose phone Information

Step 4: Select VoLTE provisioned flag

That’s it, now restart your phone

Step 5: Go to settings menuàMoreàCellular networks and enable ENHANCED 4G LTE mode.

Now you can enjoy HD call aka VoLTE calls on your smartphone.

On JIO network most of the phones automatically switch on this option as Jio supports only VoLTE calls, so you don’t need to change this setting as they will be defined automatically, this guide is for who those settings are not applied automatically. So from now there will be no problem in making calls from Jio connection enabled phone.

Also, note for NonVoLTE phones Jio has introduced Jio Join app which eliminates the need of VoLTE feature on your phone

To know more about using the Jio Join app click here

If you are not interested I Jio Join app and need a smart phone with inbuilt VoLTE feature, click here to see the list of Phones that supports VoLTE