Historical photo of Mahatma Gandhi which is used on currency notes

New Delhi. The official end of this year will begin selling homegrown notes printed on paper. Finance Minister Jayant Sinha said in the Lok Sabha recently that until now all the printing of notes on paper is imported from abroad, while the ink is made in India because the Indian government will start printing on paper notes.
Desi paper notes will be on Gandhi
Gandhi’s picture is now imprinted on the Indian currency. Homegrown press release notes on paper will also face the same picture. It is the trademark of our currency. But, the question that arises is where the picture came from Gandhiji, which became the trademark of historical and currency of India. Indeed it is not just the portrait photos, but attached is a picture of Gandhi. This picture was taken as a portrait of Gandhi’s face.
Where’s the picture of Gandhiji in Rupee notes taken
This photo was taken at the time when Gandhi and the then British Secretary of Burma and India serving as Viceroy’s House in Kolkata with Lawrence Frederick Pethik were met. This photo portrait of Gandhi’s face was imprinted on the Indian currency.
The same image has been printed on the recently launched 2000 Rupees notes also.

Historical photo of Mahatma Gandhi which is used on currency notes

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