Google to hit back Offline feature on Google maps

For a Country like India it is essential to carry data offline on their smartphones as we dont have proper internet facility everywhere, indeed Most of us have saved Google Maps for offline use in the past, but then Google updated the app and removed this feature from the apps. Earlier this year, the search giant announced during Google I/O 2015 that it would bring back the option to save maps for offline use with an update to Google Maps.


Today, it has relaunched this service, and you can now save any area on Google Maps for offline usage where you know that there won’t be cellular connectivity. This update is rolling out for Android users now, and an iOS update will be released in the future.


This feature was available 1-2 years ago, and then Google brought it back. This goes on to say that it is destined to stick around, especially since Google started focussing markets like India and some other developing nations where cellular connectivity isn’t consistent. To use this feature, you’ll need to update the Google Maps app to the latest version (which is rolling out now). When you search for an area or a city, click on the search result, and download the area by pressing the ‘Download’ button in the information page.


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