Free Basics by Facebook on Relicance Is Now Available Across India

Facebook’s, renamed to Free Basics by Facebook, has now available across India. Initially launched in 6 states: Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Goa; Free Basics is now available wherever Reliance Communications has network coverage in India.

Facebook inc CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said, “As of today, everyone in India nationwide can access free internet services for health, education, jobs and communication through’s Free Basics app on the Reliance network.”

As of April, 2015, Reliance Communication had approximately 10 crore customers. Even if we assume that 10% of them will start using the discriminatory and partial Internet access by Free Basic, it will convert to 1 crore new users for Facebook.


Not a bad job, considering how valuable new subscribers and users are for Facebook in order to pump up their advertisement based business.

If you are a Reliance customer, will you use Free Basics by Facebook? Do share your opinion by commenting here.


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