Android N is now Android Nougat

Finally, the wraps around the sweet have been taken away, after having too much of suggestions including India’s Neiyappam,  Android 7 is now named as Nougat.

In the latest tweet from official Android  tweet on their twitter page, it has been relieved.


Google has officially announced that the Android N version would be called Android Nougat, which was one of the top contenders, alongside Nutela and others, when Google decided to crowdsource the name for Android N. However, the version number of Android Nougat is not yet reveal. It could either be released as version 6.1 or bumped up to version 7.0.

Given the major changes in the system, we are expecting Android Nougat to be declared as version 7.0, however there is still a slight chance that Google may instead use version 6.1. With the release of the new version just a few months away, we should find out very soon. In the meanwhile, the Neyyappam supporters should begin campaigning for Android O.


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