Airtel shows Project leap details through a microsite

Bharti Airtel has launched a new micro-website(  to allow everyone to track the progress its making in terms of network modernization under its Project Leap initiative. The page features an interactive map which showcases towers and data coverage in places across India.


Thanks to the new Airtel Leap micro-site, individuals can monitor how far the development has gone in their area. The map shows the mobile towers which are currently in operation, in addition to showing the ones that require an upgrade. It also displays the places where a site needs to be set up, along with those which have been forcibly taken down.

As of now, the page says coverage was last updated on 25 October 2015. Customers can view which places have 3G or 4G high-speed connectivity and areas where internet speeds are restricted to 2G. They will also be able to see the towers coming up in their region and contact

The Airtel site further fills people in on the tower statistics for a particular city such as Mumbai or New Delhi. For instance, the former is set to get 86 more voice and 2G data sites by March 2016, while the latter will receive 474 within the same period of time.

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