After Flipkart, Myntra to bring back its mobile web.

After getting poor results on their App only stratergy Flipkart-owned fashion retailer Myntra has silently relaunched its mobile website, it was down earlier this year to focus on app-only model in March 2015.

Products listed across categories like shirts and Flipkart launched the Lite version of its app in collaboration with Google in November, which provides app-like features on Chromium-based web browsers.

It’s unclear at this point if Myntra planning to launch a ‘Lite’ experience, like Flipkart which was built on the Chromium engine, or if will it run on a separate technology stack, with support for browsers like UC Browser. The company declined to comment on our queries sent to spokespersons on Monday.

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Soon after Flipkart’s Lite announcement Snapdeal also unveiled a new mobile website – Snap-Lite – that had been specially optimised for slower-Internet connections, rather than providing app-like features that Flipkart has.

One of the reasons for Myntra’s return to the mobile web could be Google’s new algoritham which downrates search results for websites that display full-page interstitial before the content. Google insists that webmasters user-friendly formats such as app install banners, which Myntra’s current website is more in line with. Myntra had shuttered the desktop version of its website in May, making it necessary for customers to download the app in order to facilitate purchases.

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