6th semester Mechanical Engineering- 2011

1   16/5/11   Monday         FN   MG61    Principles of Management
2   18/5/11   Wednesday   FN   ME63     Finite Element Analysis
3   20/5/11   Friday            FN   ME61     Design of Transmission Systems
4   23/5/11   Monday         FN   ME62    Automobile Engineering
5   25/5/11   Wednesday   FN   ME64     Gas Dynamics & Jet Propulsion
6   27/5/11   Friday            FN   ME602   Refrigeration & Air conditioning

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Jeffry is a Mechanical Engineer by education and an aspiring writer and blogger. After working hard for around 12 hours a day on his core job, he spends his remaining time in blogging and reading articles online. And he loves to make poor jokes, so be prepared.

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