4G war is coming, DataWind to launch devices with free 4G

DataWind, the company behind low-cost UbiSlate tablets is going to release low-cost 4G phones in association with Rjio 4G, the device may be launched early next year.


Only browsing is free, you have to pay for Downloading and for playing vedio’s.

Datawind has told that it would be launching a 4G-enabled device early next year. Interestingly, the device would come bundled with free unlimited internet browsing for 12 months. However, the device would be priced around the Rs. 3000 price point, making it the most affordable 4G handset.

The current low-cost Android 4g phone was Lenovo A2010, which sell around Rs.5000

While there is still no clarity on the scheme, Datawind claims that it is currently in talks with various telecom operators to offer the free data services on their 4G device. While, the handset would come with free internet browsing, downloads and videos would be charged through the plans offered by the telecom operator. We are eagerly waiting for more details on this.

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